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Understanding Workweeks

I want to explain the relationship between the workweek setting in Virtual TimeClock and payroll periods.

The workweek start day is a global overtime setting that tells your time clock software when to start calculating weekly overtime. The most common setting for businesses is 'Monday'. That means hours worked for the calculation of weekly overtime starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Another way to say it is that weekly overtime calculations start over every Monday. Workweeks don't have to coincide with the calendar week. If you need to change when your workweek starts, turn on administration and choose Overtime from the Configure menu. Click Overtime Settings in the top toolbar.

Your workweek start day may cross payroll periods, which is fine because Virtual TimeClock still keeps track of hours in the current workweek so it knows when you've hit the weekly overtime threshold. For example, if the payroll period ends on Wednesday and you end up working over 40 hours for the week on Thursday, you'll still get paid for weekly overtime in the next payroll period.