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Employee Time Card Signatures

For those of you that print out your employee timecards and have employees sign off on them, you've probably noticed the text on top of the employee signature line. The default text says "I certify that these hours are a true and accurate record of all time worked during the pay period." Although most businesses find this wording sufficient, others would like to add their own agreements. I've had businesses add phrases like "I have taken all my mandatory daily rest and meal breaks during this pay period" or timecard reminders like "Overtime is calculated after 40 actual hours per week have been worked. Paid leave time is not included in computing hours worked for overtime calculation." It's easy to customize your time clock software timecard signature lines.

Go to the Reports menu and choose Report Writer. Select the Timecard Detail report from the list of reports on the left because this is the default employee timecard. Click the Options tab and then the Signature Text button. Customize the signature line text to suit your business needs and save.