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2012 Time Clock Plans

While 2011 has been a productive year, I'm really excited about what's planned for 2012. At the risk of personal injury (engineers don't like it when I share what's on the drawing board), here are the time clock software features we're working on for 2012:
  • Personal time clock client - designed for single user workstations with all the administrative functions removed for easy setup and use.
  • PIN client for groups - designed for multi-user time clock stations with ID based access to provide more anonymity and make it easier to use with large worker lists.
  • Administrative control panel - all the administrative functions consolidated under one command center.
  • Security enhancements - challenge questions and biometric integration to completely eliminate buddy punching.
  • Multiple time zone support - run time clocks in different time zones without the need for separate time clock servers.
  • iOS apps - Iv'e seen the iPhone and iPad user interface mock ups, prepare to be blown away!

We'll keep you posted on new developments.