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Showing Wages On Employee Timecards

It's no secret that Virtual TimeClock is a great tool for tracking employee time and attendance. But did you know that you can view worker wages on employee timecards? You might want wage information on employee timecards for a variety of reasons like performing payroll projections, budget analysis, and even to track labor costs and trends. You can include wages on employee timecards in two easy steps.

Enter Employee Wage Information
Choose Users from the Lists menu and click the Wages tab. This is where you can enter the hourly rate of pay or salary for each employee.

Set the Wages Option in Report Writer
Choose Report Writer from the Reports menu. Select the report you'd like to include employee wage information on (Timecard Detail is usually set as the default timecard) and click the Options tab. Check the Total Gross Wages and Show Hourly Wage options.

Now when you run worker timecards they'll look something like this:

​Remember, time clock software is not a substitute for payroll software. Time clock software gathers and breaks down all your worker hours into regular and overtime so they can be quickly sent to your payroll processor who will perform all the necessary tax calculations.