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Leave Award Anniversaries

When talking about leave benefits, it's important to define the different terms and phrases involved. For example, a 'benefit year' could be based on the calendar year, a year from an employee's hire date, or even not start until 3 months after the employee's hire date. It's also important to differentiate between hire dates and award anniversary dates. They mean 2 different things in your Virtual TimeClock software. The hire date gets stored in each user record for reference, but is pretty much used for informational purposes only. It's an exact date. The award anniversary date, on the other hand, is used by Virtual TimeClock for tracking leave accrual and benefits. It's the month and day that defines the start of the benefit year for the employee.

Be careful when running worker leave reports for date ranges of 'This Year' or 'Last Year' because timecard reports always calculate time based on a calendar year. The Accrued and Used Leave report, however, is based on the benefit year for each employee. Here's how it works. The date range listed below each user name on the Accrued and Used Leave report uses the employee's leave award anniversary date for the start date and the report run through date as the end date. So it doesn't do any good to compare the amount of leave taken between the reports unless all your employees use a calendar benefit year beginning January 1.