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Reporting Salaried Workers to Payroll

The purpose of employee timecards is to keep track of total hours worked. Time clock software does this very well for hourly employees. But what about salaried workers? Technically, salaried workers shouldn't have any hours to report because they're not punching the clock. But there may still be reasons to have your salaried employees use the time clock, like: allows you to replace your manual in/out board, improve office communication, track available and remaining vacation hours, accurately bill clients for labor hours, and make it easier to manage labor costs.

Timecard summary reports are often used for payroll processing because they contain one-line totals for each employee, but they typically exclude salaried workers. If you need salaried worker names to appear on time card summary reports so your payroll processor knows to give them a paycheck, then just create one manual entry each payroll period for zero hours (use the same start and stop time). This will cause the salaried worker's name to appear on timecard summary reports.