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Disabling and Setting Default Activities

Since all time clock entries are recorded with an activity, employees can assign time to specific tasks, jobs, projects, functions, or locations. This makes it easy to track the status of your employees with the in/out board, or print time cards and reports sorted by different activities.

If you're using activities for job or project tracking, then you may want to disable the activity once the job or project has been completed. This helps keep your current activity list manageable while still allowing you to report on old activities. To maintain the integrity of your time clock system, activities that have been recorded against punch times cannot be deleted.

To disable activities
Go to the Lists menu and choose Activities. Select the activity you want to disable from the list of activities on the left. Now click the None button at the bottom of the Display Groups section, or selectively remove the activity from only certain display groups. Click Save when you're all done.

If you're using networked time clocks with different display groups, then you may want to set a different default activity for each time clock. This is especially helpful when tracking time spent at different office locations. You may even want to remove the default activity and force employees to pick their activity when punching in.

To set default activities
Go to the Lists menu and choose Display Groups. Select the display group you want to set the default activity for from the list of display groups on the left and click the Activities tab. Select the activity you want to set as the default when users clock in from the Default Selection drop-down list. Leave the default selection blank if you want to force users to pick an activity when clocking in, like when tracking different projects or jobs. Click Save when you're all done.