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Clock Out Memos

We've talked a lot lately about using your employee time clock software as an in/out board replacement, especially getting your salaried employees involved so you know where all your employees are at and what they're working on at any given time. It's a great way to improve interoffice communication and efficiency.

When clocking out for the day, Virtual TimeClock allows you to select a memo from a list that updates the in/out board. For example, you may want to use 'Out' or 'Out for the day'. Or when I leave on Friday and I'm going to be out next week, I may want to to pick 'On Vacation' when I punch out for the final time on Friday. It's easy to add more choices if you need to. Go to the Lists menu and choose Out Memos to add or edit the names.

Another option is to use a custom memo. This doesn't become part of the master memo list, but does allow you to update your in/out board status with something a little more specific, like 'Personal Errand - Back by 3PM'. You can create a one-time custom memo from the Memo drop-down list when clocking out. Out memos update the in/out board when clocking out, but aren't permanently tied to a time clock entry like an activity is.