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How to Track Premium Pay for Worked Holidays

Do you need to track premium pay when employees work on a recognized business holiday? Since the premium rate of pay is handled by your payroll system, you just need to know how many hours to pay at the premium rate. That's where your employee time clock software can help you.

First, you'll want to set up a new activity. Go to the Lists menu in your Virtual TimeClock software and choose Activities. Click the + button to add a new activity. You can give the new activity a name like 'Worked Holiday' and save. Now when employees work on a recognized business holiday, they'll choose 'Worked Holiday' from the Activity drop-down menu when starting work.

​When you print employee timecards for the payroll period, you'll see the 'Worked Holiday' hours subtotaled separately so you know under what category to input the hours into your payroll system to award premium pay for working on the holiday.