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Upgrading Your Basic Time Clock

One of the reasons why Virtual TimeClock is one of the best time and attendance solutions is because of its ability to grow with your business. Even though it makes sense to purchase punch clock software that can handle your current number of employees, it's a good idea to plan for future expansion so you can minimize the cost of upgrading or expanding your time and attendance system.

Virtual TimeClock Basic Edition makes a great entry level time clock for small businesses. It's easy to use, tracks all hours and overtime, and calculates timecards for payroll processing in seconds. This makes it the perfect time clock software solution for businesses with up to 3 employees. Best of all, it's easy to expand. Your Basic Edition data can be easily converted to work with Virtual TimeClock Pro Edition. As your needs expand and you need to track time for additional employees, your time clock software will scale right along side the growth of your business so you can easily update your time clock to unlimited employees.

Upgrading from Basic to Pro Edition
  1. Download and install Virtual TimeClock Pro Edition.
  2. From the Welcome window click Open Your Database.
  3. Select your Basic Edition database and click Open.
  4. Click Continue to acknowledge you're converting your database.

That's it! Virtual TimeClock handles all the behind the scenes conversion activities to bring your time card data into your new time clock software.