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Adding Old Punch Clock Records

It's not unusual for new Virtual TimeClock software users to want to enter past employee punch times so their new time and attendance software contains all of their historic payroll data for the year. They may want all their time tracking records in the same system, or they may want their year-to-date timecard software totals to be accurate, especially if they're tracking jobs or projects.

You can certainly add past punch clock details, but you'll need to open a custom payroll period first. From the Tools menu, choose Payroll Period. Note your current payroll period settings so you can revert back to them when you're done. Change the payroll frequency to User Defined. Set the period start date to the earliest date you have records for. Set the period end date to the current date and save. Now you can add the historic punches as manual entries. When you're all done, you can reset your payroll settings back to what they should be.