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QuickBooks® Accounting Software Integration

As we've discussed in the past, there are several different systems involved in the payroll process. Employee time clock software gathers and prepares employee hours for payroll by segregating regular hours, overtime hours, and paid leave for the payroll period into separate totals. Your payroll system generates the checks after multiplying the different hours categories by the appropriate rate for each employee and applying the necessary state and federal deductions. Finally, business accounting software is used to record the payroll journal entries into your general ledger.

The new Virtual TimeClock payroll integration feature allows you to export your employee payroll for use in uploading into several popular payroll systems like SurePayroll®6, Paychex Preview®3, Paychex Online®3, PayChoice®4, AccountEdge®1, and CheckMark®2 Payroll. Many of these payroll providers offer accounting integration to QuickBooks®5 so payroll journal entries can be automatically posted to your general ledger.

We've partnered with SurePayroll®, the leading online payroll provider, to offer Virtual TimeClock software users a payroll time clock software solution that allows you to go from time clock to paycheck in a few simple steps. Add QuickBooks® accounting integration, and the process is automatically completed by eliminating duplicate entry and the chance for errors.

SurePayroll® provides accounting integration with the following Intuit® QuickBooks® products:
  • QuickBooks® 2010 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions
  • QuickBooks® 2010 for Mac
  • QuickBooks® 2009 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions
  • QuickBooks® 2008 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions
  • QuickBooks® Pro and Premier 2003-2007 (Intuit® has discontinued technical support and business services for QuickBooks® 2007 and older, and recommends upgrading to QuickBooks® 2010)

This means Virtual TimeClock + SurePayroll® + QuickBooks® = Worry Free Payday!