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How Do You See Time?

Time can be a funny thing, especially when you're trying to switch between decimal and time calculations for the same hours worked. Let me give you an example. Total hours worked of eight hours and fifteen minutes can be displayed as either '8:15' when displayed in time format, or as '8.25' when displayed in decimal format. Both represent eight and a quarter hours. The conversion itself comes down to basic math. To covert minutes to decimals you need to divide by 60. To convert decimals to minutes you need to multiply by 60.

The dilemma is that workers typically like to see their timecards showing total hours worked as hours and minutes (it's a lot easier to understand 50 minutes than .83 hours), but decimal hours are usually required for payroll processing. The good news is that your Virtual TimeClock software will perform all of these calculations for you based on a single configuration setting.
  1. From the Reports menu, choose Report Writer.
  2. The Timecard Detail report should already be selected for you.
  3. Click the Format tab.
  4. In the Time Display section you can choose how to display total hours worked.