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Adding Paid Holidays to Employee Time Cards

Coming off the recent Independence Day celebration seems like an appropriate time to discuss how to add paid holidays to your employee time cards. As you may already know, your Virtual TimeClock software can keep track of accrual and use of all paid and unpaid time off. So the process we're describing for holidays can be easily applied to vacation, sick days, and personal time off.

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to add the total paid holiday hours for each employee as an annual leave award. From the Lists menu, choose Users. Each user has unique leave settings so different benefit awards can be given for each type of leave. Select the Holiday leave category and assign an annual award for the number of hours of paid holiday leave. So, for example, if your company observes all of the federal holidays, you'll add an annual award for 80 hours (10 days x 8 hours).

Once the holiday benefits have been awarded, it's time to enter the holidays into your time and attendance software. From the Actions menu, choose Add Leave Entry. Select the employees that get paid for the holiday and then select Holiday from the Leave drop-down list. Select the date of the holiday and maybe add a note so the name of the holiday shows on employee time cards. Click the Save button and you're all done. You can enter paid holidays as they occur, or you can enter all of the holidays at the beginning of the year and they won't appear on worker time cards until the payroll period in which the occur.