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Time Clock Software User Maintenance

Since we recently covered the necessary steps for adding new time clock software users, I wanted to briefly describe what other optional information can be stored in the user record.

There are six other panels for recording user information in Virtual TimeClock. Each panel can be accessed by clicking on its corresponding tab and must be saved before moving on to the next panel. Here's a brief description of each.

The Personal panel is used to store basic user information. This includes the user's name, street address, telephone number, and other contact information. This information can be included in exports of your timecard data, or included on employee telephone and contact lists.

The Access panel stores the user's unique password. There's a checkbox to show the user's password as plain text. This allows the time clock software administrator to quickly lookup forgotten user passwords. A user can be assigned to any number of display groups, or assigned as a manager for the different display groups, which allows you to more effectively view and manage users by department or location.

The Employment panel is used to record user information that may be helpful when processing payroll like the user's employee number and Social Security Number. You can also store the employee's department, phone extension, hire date, and current employee status. Marking an employee as terminated allows you to enter a termination date and will automatically make the user inactive.

The Wages panel stores the employee's classification, wage type, and rate. This is also where overtime and time deduction rules are assigned to each individual worker. The hourly burden will automatically be calculated when gross wages are enabled for job costing analysis on timecard reports.

The Leave panel is used to record the user's leave awards for each leave category. Awards are given to each user as either an annual award (80 hours per year) or a calculated award (1 hour leave per 40 hours worked). Overtime hours can be optionally included as hours worked for the calculation of awards. You can also enter the anniversary date for the user's leave award benefits.

The Notes panel is used to record free text notes. Employee notes can be used to record such things as training, safety compliance, wage history, and employee reviews.

Only users with appropriate security access can modify or delete user records.