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Reporting Accrued and Used Leave

There's been some changes to the Accrued and Used Leave Hours report for Virtual TimeClock '10. I think you'll find the report easier to understand and a more powerful tool for tracking your employee time and attendance.

The 'YTD' column labels have been removed to make it easier to identify what period of time the report pertains to. 'YTD', or 'Year-to-Date', always started with the award anniversary date for each employee, not necessarily January 1. The award anniversary day has been replaced with a date range. The starting date is the award anniversary date starting the new award benefit year for the employee. The ending date is the report accrued through date that's selected when the report filter dialog is displayed to select what workers you want to include in the report.

The hours worked categories (regular, overtime, and total) have been identified as non-leave hours to make it clear that paid leave hours do not accrue more paid leave.