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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - November 2008

We’ve had a number of customers asking lately about the release of Virtual TimeClock Pro 6.0. Well, it’s almost time. As a matter of fact, it’s already been released to those customers involved in our beta program.

I’ve been having a blast exploring the internal beta. Everything from a new optimized SQL database to new calendar buttons to make date selections easier have been included in this major program upgrade. Everywhere I turn, I see something new or improved. I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, Virtual TimeClock Pro 6.0 represents more than two years of development. I want to share just a few of the exciting new features and why they can be a huge benefit to you.

You all know that you can set the rate of credit that is given for every hour worked. And you can configure up to two different overtime thresholds and two overtime rates for every individual day of the week. In addition, you can set two weekly overtime thresholds and rates. Overtime settings were always global, they applied to all non­‐salaried workers. Not only can you now create an unlimited number of overtime rules, but a different overtime rule can be assigned to each individual worker.

This makes it easy to place your workers on alternative work schedules or individual averaging agreements. Five 8s, four 10s, three 13.33333333s, you get the point.

Time Deductions.
You’ve always been able to determine when Virtual TimeClock will automatically deduct unpaid lunch or break time from employee timecards without requiring employees to clock out. However, now you can create an unlimited number of time deduction rules and assign a different time deduction rule to each individual worker.

Maybe you want to automatically deduct lunch breaks from your warehouse workers, but require your administrative employees to clock in and out for their lunch breaks.

Virtual TimeClock makes it easy to track the accrual and use of paid leave. And paid leave benefits are awarded to users based upon either a fixed amount or a calculation based on hours worked. Now you can create an unlimited number of new leave categories. There’s also three new built-­in leave reports with full Report Writer support. The new leave award interface makes it simple to assign new leave awards for each worker.

Add new leave categories for jury duty, bereavement, bonus days, or anything else you want. Create leave category names like ‘Vacation – 3 Weeks After 3 Years Service’ to make it easy to recognize what benefit is currently in use for each employee.

Entry Editing.
You know the scenario. An employee forgets to clock in when they arrive, so they clock in when they remember but now it’s the wrong time. So you dutifully go into the Entry Editor to adjust their time. Although we’ve tried

to make the process as easy as possible, it still took several steps. Well not any longer! You’re going to love the new Modify Selected Entry feature.

Instantly modify a current timecard entry directly from the TimeClock window. You can change the task, start time, or stop time of any worker’s last displayed timecard entry.

What else is new?
If you want to take a quick look at what else is new, we’ve prepared a document for you at What’s New In Virtual TimeClock. If you want to get a pre-­release view of Virtual TimeClock Pro 6.0, just reply to this email and let me know what platform you’re running Virtual TimeClock on. I’d be happy to get you quickly signed up for our beta program so you can access the public beta release and start exploring some of the new features for yourself.

Remember, these new features are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. We’ll explore additional new features next month. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Until next month,
Jeff Morrow