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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - November 2007

The big news this month at Redcort Software is our new Virtual TimeClock Pro v5.6 release. Compatibility with Apple’s new Leopard OS X 10.5 operating system has been a complete success. A huge thanks to all you early Leopard adopters who provided feedback on the Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6 beta release. Even though Apple’s new operating system made a loud roar in the technology headlines around the world, Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6 offers much more than just full Leopard compatibility.

Take for instance the all new Paid Break functionality. This is a ‘must have’ for employers wanting to track how much time employees are spending on mandated paid breaks. Or there’s the new Worker Status report, perfect for knowing who’s on‐site and who isn’t in case of an emergency. Did I happen to mention the new Timecard Report Writer interface?

I had a blast exploring Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6, and I think you will to. In this month’s ‘Tips & Tricks’ Newsletter, I’m going to help you get started using some of the new features.

Can workers clock out for lunch and breaks while I still pay them?
You bet! Virtual TimeClock 5.6 introduces an easy to use Paid Break option that simplifies the monitoring and reporting of paid employee breaks. Simply select any worker who has already started work and click the ‘Paid Break’ toolbar button. Once the employee is ready to come back to work, they simply select their name and click the ‘Paid Break’ toolbar button once again. They have the option to return to work on their prior task or any new task that is available for selection. You can quickly view the total amount of time each worker spent on paid breaks under the task summary section of your timecard report.

If you were already tracking paid break time with a ‘Paid Break’ task of your own, don’t worry. Your previous paid break entries will be flawlessly converted during the upgrade process.

Here’s a quick Tip:
Create a new custom report using the Timecard Report Writer to track daily or weekly time spent on employee paid breaks by worker or department.

Can I get a printout of all workers who are currently in the building?
Absolutely! The new Worker Status report in Virtual TimeClock 5.6 is a great addition to any emergency action plan. This new standard report takes advantage of our ‘In & Out Board’ interface to make it easy to view and print the status of all active workers currently displayed in the TimeClock main window. The Worker Status report is a snapshot listing of each active worker, each worker's current status, along with the day of the week, date, and time of the last recorded timecard entry for each displayed worker. The Worker Status report sort order can be modified by clicking on the sort field's header title in the TimeClock main window.

Here’s a quick Tip:
By modifying local TimeClock preferences, the TimeClock can optionally display selected workers or departments which can then be printed on the Worker Status report.

As you can see, our new Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6 release has a lot to sink your teeth into. Next month we’ll introduce you to the new and improved Timecard Report Writer.

Until next month,
Jeff Morrow