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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - December 2006

When I was a boy, I remember receiving two distinct kinds of Christmas presents. There were the large presents under the tree that were wrapped in bright, colorful paper and sported large bows. Then there were the stocking stuffers. These were usually wrapped in the leftover wrapping paper scraps and rarely had a bow. Stocking stuffers were usually practical gifts like a new pair of socks or a medium bristle toothbrush, and if I’d been good, a reindeer PEZ dispenser. The large presents were great but they all too quickly ended on a shelf in the closet and eventually made their way out to the annual garage sale. Reflecting back, I realize that I often enjoyed more use from those simple stocking stuffers (especially the PEZ dispenser) than I did from the flashy presents. So in the holiday spirit here are some Virtual TimeClock stocking stuffers. They aren’t flashy, but they are practical, useful tips you can use all year long.

Using Out Status Memos
When an employee stops work, they create an ‘Out Status’ memo. These temporary memos are placed in the Status column of the TimeClock window until the worker clocks back in. Out Status memos can indicate that a worker has left for lunch, for the day, or is a simply out on a break. Did you know that when a worker clocks out they can also choose ‘Custom Memo’ to leave a one time note? When a worker enters ‘Dentist Appt.’, ‘Back by 2:30PM’ or ‘Vacation until 1/3/07’, Virtual TimeClock Pro becomes a really useful in/out message board. But what do you do if a worker selects the wrong memo or chooses ‘Gone for the day’ when they’re really on vacation for the next week? You can easily change a memo anytime by selecting the worker and choosing ‘Modify Out Status’ from the TimeClock menu.

TimeClock Sort Columns
If you have a centralized TimeClock and lots of workers, you may find it a chore to scroll down the list looking for your worker name. There is an easier way! Each column within the TimeClock can be sorted by clicking on the column header. If my name is ‘Zach Zebra’ and I usually have to scroll all the way to the end of the list, all I have to do is click the Name column header to place my name front and center. ‘Adam Apple’ then just needs to click the Name column header to switch things back to the way they were. I also find that sorting on the Status column allows me to see who is working on similar tasks at-­a-­glance.

Contextual Menus
This is one of my favorite new Virtual TimeClock Pro ‘stocking stuffer’ features for this year. Since you’ve been so good let’s consider it your reindeer PEZ dispenser. Did you know we added contextual menus in Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.2? Just right click (control click on a Mac) on a name in the TimeClock window to see the list of goodies. Like a PEZ, half the fun is discovering how the thing works so I’ll leave it to you try this tip and discover all the neat things you can do more easily using the contextual menu.

There you have it, my stocking stuffer tips and tricks for 2006. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. All of us at Redcort Software wish you the very best for the new year!

Jeff Morrow