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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - September 2006

Welcome to another edition of our Virtual TimeClock 'Tips & Tricks' newsletter! I hope you found last month’s 'Tips & Tricks' newsletter helpful and you followed my advice and filed it away in a convenient location for easy access.

September in Central California means three things: kids are back in school, the heat is subsiding and the nights are cooler, and most importantly it’s time for my annual backpack trip into the Sierra Nevada wilderness! There is nothing that says ‘Life is good’ better than the feel of a native Rainbow Trout on the end of your fishing pole (except maybe eating that same trout grilled over an open camp fire). Well, I’m back now and ready to provide you with a new Bp and a great trick:

How do I move Virtual TimeClock to another computer?
  1. Quit the Virtual TimeClock application on all computers.
  2. Copy the entire 'Virtual TimeClock User Data' folder found in the user's Documents folder on the original computer to the user's Documents folder on the new computer.
  3. Install Virtual TimeClock on the new computer.
  4. Launch Virtual TimeClock on the new computer. If the data file does not open automatically, choose 'Open Data File' from the File menu, select your data file name, and click the Open button.

Perform all your administrative tasks with one password entry.

Do you find yourself repeatedly entering your password when performing administrative functions within Virtual TimeClock 5.2? There’s a much easier way! Here’s how:

  1. From the Administration menu, choose ‘Disable Security’ and enter an owner level password. The TimeClock then displays a reminder that ‘Security Is Disabled On This Computer’.
  2. You can now do all your administrative entries, modifications and changes password free!
  3. When you’re all done, choose ‘Enable Security’ from the Administration menu and password protection will once again be in full force.

This is great for when you need to review Timecards at the end of a pay period and are switching between different administrative functions. If you’re using Virtual TimeClock on multiple computers, disabling password security from the Administration menu is local and only affects your local computer.

Until next month,

Jeff Morrow